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K. A. Holt 

K.A. Holt wrangles words and three kids in Austin, TX. Once an aspiring chef, Kari accidentally blew up a ham, thus cementing the decision to stick with writing. As a writer for grown-ups, Kari published HAIKU MAMA (Quirk, 2006) and periodically contributes to McSweeney's Internet Tendency and Parents Magazine. MIKE STELLAR: NERVES OF STEEL (Random House, 2009), a middle grade space adventure, was her first book written for kids (and to truly stave off the exploding hams). BRAINS FOR LUNCH, a middle grade zombie novel in haiku, illustrated by Gahan Wilson, was released in August 2010 by the Neal Porter imprint of Roaring Brook Press. So far, no books have exploded during the act of writing them. But there is still hope.

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What makes Brains for Lunch different than other zombie books? This middle school novel is written entirely in Haiku! Loeb, its zombie protagonist, has a problem: the object of his affection, Siobhan, is a lifer (i.e. human). What to do? In scenes set around a lunch table (the menu: brains) and around the school, eyes roll and jaws drop (literally). Also featured in the cast of characters is Carl, a chupacabra (bloodsucking critter) and Mrs. Fincher, a sympathetic and seductive librarian.



Things are not so stellar for Mike Stellar. He is stunned when his parents inform him that he has only eight hours to pack before they move to Mars. Despite the fact that he suspects his parents are involved in a major sabotage plot; that the only person who believes him is a girl who wonít shut up; and that his motherís assistant seems to be spying on Mikeís every move, Mike is dealing with the same things that every eleven-year-old deals with: bad cafeteria food, a strict limitation on his electronic use, and a teacher who is so old-fashioned she must be from the year 2099.